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Thread: Time for a new member map

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    Time for a new member map

    I'd bet that many members that originally started this forum have either left due to lack of interest, sold off the toys, passed away in the heat of the night and etc.

    Maybe time to update where all the currently paid members are located and maybe come up with a centrally located meet for SC owners!? A 3 day event that is not all Ford inspired- strictly SC's which would include the XR7's and the Mk VIII's.

    I have ideas- but then with a vast majority of SC'rs being in the Canadian area- the map might shift a bit North- and not just Carlisle something new...

    just a thought.


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    I checked out the map for the first time the other day to see who was in my area. I think an update would be a great idea. I would like to meet fellow members here in my home state. What needs to be done to update it???
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    Wes -

    We've (David Neibert and myself) have just recently taken over the site. We're open to all ideas, but we're just trying to get a foothold on things currently.

    For now, check out It's an annual meet you might be interested in.

    I'm looking at the Garage issue, but am out of town. It may take me a few days to sort this out as we're having some back-end problems currently. Your patience is appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WES92SC View Post
    A 3 day event that is not all Ford inspired- strictly SC's which would include the XR7's and the Mk VIII's

    You must be talking about the SC Shootout?? lol if you have never gone to one its a must attend event! well worth the drive
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