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Thread: Shocks/Struts question...

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    Shocks/Struts question...

    My 93 SC is in DIRE need of having the shocks and struts replaced. Anyone wanna drive to KC and do it for me? hehe j/k

    Really though I need any and all help/information I can get to do this. I have no idea what shocks/struts to buy. I could also use any helpful information you guys would have as I'm doing this myself and have not done it before.. I've looked into the Tokico Illumina II struts/shocks so far as they are not too pricey. Are these good?

    Do they work with the ride control or will I have to disable the ride control (i.e. tape it up and leave it on firm ride).. Thanks in advance for all your help..

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    Go to and submit a request for a price. They handle Tokico, Koni and Bilsteins for the SC. The Tokico will utilize the ARC and the Konis and Bilsteints will not. The Konis are adjustable and will be the same price as the Konis $500. The Bilsteins will be about $370.

    The Tokicos and Bilsteins are a direct fit replacement but the Konis will require some minor modification to work. They re-use the stock housing and are an insert cartridge.


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    Duuuuuude, I feel for you bro. IM doing that RIGHT NOW. Its a realy pain in the ~~~....i hope you have an air gun for those bolts. I ended up using regular non-ARC shocks from regular birds just because of the price. I only spent about 130 bux for all four ($141 for all four, case of Valvoline high life and a few other additives...had a discount from a buddy). Well, its a pain taking the front shock tower off...and even worst getting the spring out. I ended up having to take the two shock towers to have the springs transfered to the new ones for $60. Also, what Im still not sure of is where teh hell to get new bolts. In the shop manual for my 89 it sais to get new bolts for shock tower-to- lower C arm and upper C arm-to-spindle , but i've asked in auto zone, napa and my local ford stealership and they dont carry i duno. I really hope that you dont get the same surprice I did and have to find out that you sort of have to replace EVERYTHING in this i mean upper & lower control arms, stabilizer links & balljoints. Maaaan are mine destroyed! I havent done the back yet, but it shouldnt be that bad.
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    See if CarX or Midas will install front shocks for you. I brought my local CarX Ford OEM ARC front struts and they installed them both for $75. I know the manager so maybe he did me a favor. It's a lot easier than dealing with the spring yourself. The rears are easy to do yourself no more complicated than regular tube shocks.

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