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Thread: Alan dirty dog transmissions

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    Again lets be clear here,i did not get a free transmission,i asked my bank to dispute 900.or so dollars i really cant remember but it was no more than 950.00.I paid 1,750.00.I got less than a weeks service out of the rebuild,around 60 miles.I am not trying to get anything for free,but i would like to get a quality product for what i am paying for.I never intended for it to be a total loss on the your end,due to me having to have the car running in a reasonable amount of time.And me deciding to get a second and third opinion as to what was going wrong.I sir am the one that have taken the most serious hit here.Quality rebuild and torque converter=1,550.00.transmission fluid = around 200.00,second opinion and checking trouble codes = 75.00,tow truck charges = 150.00,labor to install transmission twice i guess that matters as to what your time is worth,amount still paid on 60 mile service transmission=800.00,overdraft charges on my account due to me not expecting a 800.00 unauthorized charge = 105.00 and i was lucky there i went to pay a bill and my card and was rejected and that threw up a red flag,Thank god for that, or overdraft charges would have been bad,I sadly,live on a budget and just dont have money like that laying around.Waiting to be withdrawn without knowing about it.Soooo we are done here i hope

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    Soooo we are done here i hope
    I agree, time to close this.

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