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Thread: WTB rear metal brake line

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    Compression fittings should NEVER be used on brakes. Regardless of whether they are brass or stainless, it won't hold up to the pressure of a panic stop. If anyone has compression fittings on their car right now, go to a close by deserted road, get the car up to 50mph, and suddenly slam on the brakes as hard as you can, as though another car just jumped out in front of you, and see what happens. The compression fitting WILL fail and blow out, your brake pedal will drop to the floor, and your stopping distance will be greatly increased. Now imagine if you really were panic stopping because another car, or worse a pedestrian just jumped out in front of you. If you need to section in some brake line, you need to double-flare both ends and use a brake union.

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    +1 for flares and unions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S4gunn View Post
    I bought a bunch of these fittings when I was fabricating my fuel rail for a splitport swap on my 3.8L N/A.

    They are all SS and are fairly affordable.

    I believe Alan is just trying to steer you away from the brass compression fittings you will find at Home Depot/Lowes.

    gotcha, good to know...I got four unions from Autozone so I presume those should be safe to use.
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