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Thread: New super coupe

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    New super coupe

    New to the forum from Upstate New York here's a few pix of my new super coupe.Name:  $(KGrHqZHJEUFIfd(hhYeBSMjhtyt4g~~_4.JPG
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    Name:  $T2eC16h,!)gFI,mYEhwbBSMgMmO6sQ~~_4.JPG
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    Name:  $T2eC16h,!zQFIc(HeIQUBSMiZyjpPg~~_4.JPG
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    Nice....I saw that on eBay a short while it!

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    The person who bought it off ebay never paid so I bought for what it sold for $2,500 bucks. Didn't think it was bad for a clean car with 80,000 miles.

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    nice looking car at a great price congrats

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