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Thread: shock install question

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    shock install question

    I just replaced my shocks on the front and I am not to sure how far that nut is supposed to go down,is there a torque number for it? I don't have that so if someone could verify like an Inch or so it looks about right to me but I don't want to install it until I know for sure.

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    There probably is a torque spec. I am guessing 30-40 ft-lbs? But the main important thing is to make sure that the full weight of the car is on the springs when tightening. I would suggest tightening that nut and installing the ARC hardware last of all.
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    I tighten it with my impact, then put it on the car and run it down a little farther before putting the mounting plates for the ARC actuators. I don't hammer it down tight but I use the impact since its fast. Then I install the mounting plate and nut with a ratchet not super tight but tight by hand. That way it will come off again in the future with the right tools.

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