Well after a long time away from the SC scene...I've had the opportunity to gather some parts and dive back into it (for better or worse...)

I've been toying around with the idea to start up tubular k-member fabrication again. There are 4 units floating around out there to date and the design will be nearly the same as what was produced in the past.

For those that haven't followed the threads in the past, this k-member will be fully tubular construction and utilizes all stock suspension components. All stock parts will bolt in and you will still maintain all the stock suspension adjustment capabilities. Construction is from DOM steel tubing and the weight is slightly less than half of the stock k-member. It is approx. 24lbs different. The biggest factor is that there is now MASSIVE amounts of room under there to work on headers, plugs, steering, etc. Large oil pans wont be an issue at all.

Prelim pricing with steel costs on the rise would be about $600 + shipping.

At this point I'm trying to gauge interest (not taking orders) to see if it's even worth it for me to up-rev my jig one more time and start cranking out another 10-15 units. If you're interested let me know so that I can weigh the demand vs. time spent getting set up again.

Damon....don't worry...you're not forgotten