View Poll Results: Your first impression of the 2015 Mustang

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  • Looks like a Fusion or Aston Martin (wannabe)

    7 13.73%
  • Looks too much like a 2013-14 mustang.

    3 5.88%
  • Looks new, edgy and original.

    5 9.80%
  • What's up with the 1990's headlights?

    1 1.96%
  • Where's the rear quarter windows?

    1 1.96%
  • Where's the hockey-sticks and side vents?

    2 3.92%
  • Looks amazing, I'd buy one.

    11 21.57%
  • Not a tragedy but could have done better.

    12 23.53%
  • That's a Mustang?!

    1 1.96%
  • My Supercoupe is still better.

    19 37.25%
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Thread: 2015 Ford Mustang (love it? hate it?)

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    Agreed!!! I ordered a tune from Livernois for my SHO so im excited to see how she performs once i get it installed. I already condider her my Audi killer but what next???

    Quote Originally Posted by queenbird View Post
    The thing with the Ecoboost is there's a lot of potential with just a tune. I'm looking at doing that with my 2013 SHO w/PP, I've seen at least one person with a tune and some other minor stuff getting down to 4 seconds 0-60 - in a Taurus

    If the Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost is that tunable, I'm sure you'll see them kicking butt.

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    I love almost everything about the '15 Mustang... except that front end. I can see where they were going with it - keeping a "family" of styling through the brand, while making it a bit more aggressive and edgy - but it just looks way too much like a Fusion. Basically the headlights just make me think of a Japanese sedan more than they do Mustang. Still, it would probably grow on me if I had one, and the rest of the car is great. The rear end is especially sexy, probably the best design since 1970 if you ask me.

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    I didn't think I liked them at first but after seeing it more and more I began to like them but now that it's fairly common to see them I have noticed they kind of look gtrish

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    They are starting to grow on me, especially since the GT350 was announced. Waiting to see what they do for the next generation GT500.

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    Since I saw the 50th anniversary one at Carlisle in 2014 I loved the exterior styling (it really doesn't look great in pictures), then sitting in one at the Philly auto show this past weekend sealed the deal. I wouldn't be against buying one, that's saying a lot since I haven't been a Mustang guy since '98. Ford did a great job with them and it seems like every magazine is raving about the chassis, etc.

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