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Thread: Crank scraper?

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    Crank scraper?

    Anyone ever built a crank scraper for our motor or is one ava?

    I have the pan off and was thinking of mocking one up/building one out of 22 gage galv I have access to. Would sandwitch between oilpan and block rail, 2 piece, scraper on one side, spacer to match rail/pan on the other to keep the pan square. Would this create a seal issue at the timing cover and rear of pan around the crank? There would be an extra .065 gap there where it is sealed with RTV and the rubber arch gasket.

    Not sure this is worth the time or effort, but this is a hobby, which sorta by definition is a way to waste time doing something you enjoy, so...
    Any thoughts?


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    Late model SC's came with a windage tray. They show up used sometimes and new from a few engine suppliers, etc.

    I suppose you could DIY if you wanted...should be plenty of photos to reference.

    Search here for details.

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    Just a heads up, if you use the windage tray from a 94/95 SC, you also need to get the oil pump pickup for that car, since the one for the early SCs won't clear it.

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    I've used an oil scraper before. There used to be a company that sold them but I can't find the info anymore. The extra gap won't be a problem. Just use a little extra of the Right Stuff.
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    Huh. I had no idea the late model had a windage tray. Interesting. How is that fastened to the motor, studs on the mains? Those would need changed too. Do these windage trays fit with the 4.3 stroker setups? I would doubt it, but am collecting pcs in that direction, and would like to have one when the time comes.

    Thanks Dave, I'm not surprised that you've tried it, you seem to be on the front edge of everything with these motors! Would you happen to have on of the windage trays/oil pickups as mentioned above to get rid of? What was the min. clearance you tried to hold with your scraper? I believe .050-.060 Is recommended for block clearance on strokers, so would think that would b about right 4 this too.

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