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Thread: Billet Brake Reservoir Caps

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    Cool Billet Brake Resevoir Caps

    Count me in for 1 polished w/ "SC" logo and 1 polished w/ "Thunderbird" logo.
    John V. (IVEY!)

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    I'll be using mine (black anodize w/ SC) with this polished cover, so I'm hoping that the dimensions from the bottom edge of the cap to the latching slots are the same as stock cap. On second thought and after looking at the picture, I'm not really sure how this cap is attached because writing isn't straight. Is it threaded like the oil fill or slotted similar to radiator cap ?

    Name:  Brake cover & cap.jpg
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    Thanks, David
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    I'll take a contrast cut replica. Maybe two.



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    I would like two with the SC logo please... One black anodized contrast and one chrome.
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    Put me down for 1 black anodized with the SC logo.
    Matt Haub
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