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Thread: Billet Brake Reservoir Caps

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    Received my chrome cap Friday. Well worth the wait as usual!


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    How did you order yours, Tim? I ordered a chrome version but received a polished version. Pretty sure I mentioned chrome in the order. Just checked my order and I did order chrome.

    Now that I look at the product, it could be chrome but sure looks like it's polished next to the radiator cap that I also ordered.
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    I shipped all the chrome orders at the same time when I received my caps back from the Chromer, thereís always the possibility of mixing up orders but I didnít handle any polish orders while filling the orders that included yours so Iím pretty sure itís chrome. As far as comparing it to the radiator cap, those were chromed years ago when I first made them, I used a different Chromer at that time so there could be a difference on how they look. Iíll check my leftover chrome inventory on these brake caps and see if I did mixup a polished one.
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