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Thread: Server migration is complete

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    So since all has been quiet after the migration (Short of losing a few threads), we're going to move ahead with upgrading the vBulletin software that runs the forums.

    As I noted before in our announcement - you WILL see changes to the site. It WILL look and feel and operate differently. Hopefully all in good ways. Change is good, and we're updating to the latest and greatest since the software we're on is pretty old.

    We've worked to make the site appear as close to the old site in terms of graphics, colors, etc. We're open to ideas on how to make things better once we migrate, but there will be a limit to what we can do.

    Any questions, please ask. Once I have a date and time set, we'll post it as an announcement. During that time, you'll receive a notice on the page that we're down for the upgrade.

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    Forums upgrade has been scheduled for Thursday, 1/30/2014 at approximately 8:00pm eastern time. The upgrade will probably last 2-3 hours.

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    Good luck and can't wait!

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