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Thread: Craigslist Score of the day!

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    Craigslist Score of the day!

    Ok so here is my cobra the wheels are ok-ish but really need refinished!

    And yes its very dirty! its been too damn cold to wash anything!

    So today while browsing craigslist i find these Chrome 17x9 cobra r's MINT condition with 275-40-17s! (two are good two are crap) WITH lugnuts for $400 so i drive down past Fort Knox to pick them up! WELL worth it guy was cool as hell he had 3 yes 3! s351 Saleens and a s281! one of whichs had a compound boost setup on a 427 stroker! very very nice so we talked cars awhile he knew a bit about SC's suprisingly recognized what i was driving lol.

    And yes the cobra needs a bath... kinda hard to wash stuff when its been 0 and colder out lol

    Not real crazy about 275's on the front! I'm going to run 245's on the front and 275's on the back MAYBE some spacers on the back as the IRS cobra's are a bit narrow and it will improve the look vastly

    The Original 99 Wheels are going to get powdercoated Black Chrome and go on the white SC once i do the hub/cobra brake swap! The Cobra needed some love so its about to get some stuff replaced/upgraded in the next few weeks

    Stage I Spec Clutch Kit (Stock clutch has 148k and TB/Pressure plate are just about shot)
    Steeda Clutch Cable And Quadrant Kit (Because every mustang needs this)
    Rear End Rebuild with 3:73s (Becuase 4v and pinion seal is shot/lots of slop in gears needs rebuilt)
    MMR Subframe Connectors (Because every mustang should have these)
    MMR Delrin IRS Bushings (Because wheel hop sucks)

    The two 50% 245's are going on my tbird cobra r's also the best two 275's for the back (40%) and i will rock them on the red SC until i get all the suspension rebuild done so i dont wear brand new tires funky.

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    Nice find for the Stang!!!
    Tom Downs-member#2752
    MPX'd 90 SC Auto~bought Feb. 2012
    RIP MOM!!! I will always miss and think about you 4Ever! 1940-2018
    RIP Rexy boy!!!! Miss my dog 2006-2018

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    New tires mounted ! 275/40s rear 275/45 front

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