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Thread: Hey Glenn

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    Hey Glenn

    Ever get off the phone and think did I really just say that? What I meant to say was sorry I couldnt help
    I had 2 one I cut up and used it to fill in around my headlights but tossed it when I moved the other I plan on holding on to for another project and only because it has the SC on the front or I would let you have it
    how bad is the part I was talking with my father in law and he said they have to be really bad not to fix them
    anyways sorry for the comment I truly did mean what came out but if you would have seen the look on Pams face after I said it it was classic

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    No offence taken. I know how it is when things don't sound the way you meant it to sound

    The car is on the mend, body shop is the same one that painted Bryan's front bumper & hood. They found a embossed SC bumper out in a yard in Bithlo. Hopefully they will be done by this Friday.

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