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Thread: Alternative to kooks long tubes at half the price

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    My friend that I fabricated the headers for is very pleased and we just finished his full exhaust system and it is by far the best sounding sc I have heard that being said. I am willing to try and fabricate a shortie style header with 1 3/4 primaries however I do not have the proper tools to work with stainless as it is a very hard and brittle metal which is the reason most company's don't use it. I would only be able to fabricate a set in mild steel currently. I will look into the stainless but right now sourcing stainless flanges and collectors will be the largest issues for me as we do have some local companys that can bend stainless.

    Also I'm not trying to step on toes this is a hobby for me I have a day job and I'm not trying to get rich here or sell junk because here mild steel headers aren't an issue even uncoated. I just value my time

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    If u do a mild steel shortie pair at a good price ill take one even if its steel
    It will be better than what I have

    Keep us updated on what you do

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