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Thread: Puzzling fuel rail problem

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    If the crank sensor were dead, you would have no spark. Cam sensor would make it hard to start, but it would catch eventually. A bad DIS module is a possiblility, but I have never seen one fail and cause a no-start while still making spark, but it is possible it shorted out internally somehow and is firing the wrong cylinders at the wrong times. You mentioned 70psi of fuel pressure. That is way too much, and certainly could cause it to flood out and not start. Fuel pressure while cranking, or with the vacuum hose off the regulator, should be close to 44psi. Have you confirmed fuel pressure while cranking, or just from cycling the key on? If your fuel pressure is good, next step would be check to see if the injectors are firing. Easiest way is use a long flat-head screwdriver and put the blade end up against an injector, then put your ear against the handle end while you have someone crank the car over. If the injector is firing, you will hear it clicking through the screwdriver. If the injectors are pulsing, and you have fuel pressure, and you have spark, check compression. If you have spark, fuel, and compression, it should run.

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    I tried something new. I unplugged the cam sensor started up, finally. So, I'm going to replace and retime the cam sensor, and that should cure it. Whew! The fuel pressure was at 35# and holding after shutting it off so that is good. I think the regulator was also stuck and unstuck itself too.
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    Yea!!! I will see u Saturday!!

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