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Thread: replacing upper control arms 1989 sc

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    Cool replacing upper control arms 1989 sc

    How do you replace the upper control arms? I can't see how to get a wrench on the nut inside the engine bay. You can look up in the fenderwell and see the 2 bolt heads but how do you get a wrench on the other side where the nut is? Also do you break the tabs off the bolts in the fenderwell? When I look under the hood I can barely see the nuts closest to the firewall, but I don't see how to get a wrench on it. Also how would you get your hand and a nut back on the new bolt. If any one could help I would appreciate it>
    Thanks mike

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    The front one on the passenger side is accessed by removing the rubber intake tube. The front on on the driver's side you can get to by unbolting and shifting the windshield washer reservoir.


    The rears require fishing about thru the wiring & fuel~A/C lines etc.

    I did mine and don't recall it being a major issue, just a matter of wedging an open end wrench on the nuts and when removing the bolts with a ratchet/socket. Get a helper to hold the wrench on the inside, maybe.

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    Don't bust those tabs off -they hold the heads so that you CAN use the ratcheting box wrench on the sockets.

    The ones toward the back are booger bears due to a) the accumulator on the passenger side and b) the Teves Mk II Profanity Generator ... err, Teves Mk II Integral ABS system.


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