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Thread: New to me 1994 SC 5 speed...Teal v2.0 :)

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    New to me 1994 SC 5 speed...Teal v2.0 :)

    I owned a fully loaded 94 Teal before but it was automatic. The car was exactly what I wanted except for the trans, so I sold it. Just my luck, I was looking at SC's on ebay after doing some reading due to another SC that has also captured my attention. As I browsed, I stumbled upon (and then bought) a 94 5speed in teal in VERY good condition just a couple weeks ago. It was a re-listed car that I had inquired about several years I think I got if it were meant to be . I have another post for my 93 where I kinda document my recent repairs. It has helped me out keep track of what I've done to the car though the years, so I decided to do something similar with this 94 Teal.

    The car is high mileage but very clean inside/out/engine and was kept very well documented. The previous owner only had it briefly and before that the car was owned by one of our own: Gary Blitzer. Needless to say, the car looks fantastic (thanks Gary!) and the service history I received is very thorough and some of the stuff dates back to when the car was quite new. Tons of OEM stuff, which is how I like it and how I'm currently keeping my other SC's. I drove the car for about 5 hours from right outside of Pittsburgh, over the mountains into the DC metro area, zero issues. A very comfortable ride too with the fully functioning ARC! Out of all the cars that I've owned and sat on...I always say SC seats are one of the most comfortable ones evar!

    Car has JBL system with CD changer in the trunk (missing subwoofer), Keyless/remote entry, aluminum spare, sunroof and full leather interior with no rips on the rear leather seat! Another cool option i hadn't personally seen in an SC is the presence of a block heater! I discovered the plug the other day while browsing around the battery area since my battery hold down is missing (ordering an OEM Replacement next week ). The car even has a pretty new Motorcraft battery .

    Picking up the car in PA/WV border.

    and in the office a day or two later after I got tags for it

    Of course, it's not without its issues...but all are small and it's stuff easy enough where I actually feel pleased to source the pieces and do the repairs.

    A few missing interior pieces like center console cubby mat, magnet for cup holders, passinger light lens at the bottom of the door also

    Plug for C pillar bolt

    I'm pretty sure this door sensor is supposed to have a rubber covering...they're missing on both sides...anyone know the PN?

    A few trim pieces could use some love

    DIN console showing a bit of bubbling

    Clock seems to be pushed in

    Shifter boot in the console has the leather part separated. I have another one in good shape but I think I can repair this one. Shifter also is in dire need of rebuild. I've purchased the Dorman repair kit and I'll do that while I source a ripper shifter.

    Some trim pieces just need to be replaced

    Like the power seat switch panels which have the usual breaks

    And this AC vent which was replaced in the past using a 96+ unit. THe 96+ has an unpainted "squigly" line

    The correct one for 94-95 should be this one

    Couple other things I've already done is remove tailpipe extensions, I've replace the foglight switch which had a burned up bulb and it was bothering me not seeing it at night , I replaced the head unit which didn't have a working tape deck and I use it to plug it into my phone and hear music. Also, the pusher fan was completely missing but was just replaced today with a unit I had laying in the parts bin. Now I just have to source the electrical connector and splice it to the harness...for some odd reason the connector was cut off from the harness.

    Other things needed are the antenna keeps "clicking" when the radio comes on/is turned off. I've got at least two other new antennas around the house so that will be changed. The OEM CD changer is INOP and is giving me a "CD ERROR" message...anyone know anything about this, i would greatly appreciate the input. I don't really listen to CD's that often, but it would be nice to simply know that the CD changer is working as it should. Also the trunk I think needs to be re-aligned. It closes right but you can feel that a little bit of extra force is necessary when compared to my other sc's. That is also probably the reason why I'm getting the constant Door Ajar light in the info center.

    Oh, and I know the car has a steering leak that comes and goes. The previous owner topped it off when leaving and I didn't notice any leaking during the entire ride. I even had a handy helper keep an eye on things during the voyage

    Other smaller things that need attention are oil pressure gauge fluctuates and throws a light (probably bad sensor or lose connection)
    Sunroof air deflector needs to be fixed so it raises when sunroof is open
    slow sunroof when it nears the fully closed position
    Driver power seat motor inop
    One blown bulb in IHKA knob

    A few upgrades lined up are:
    ADR Kasais that I've had for at least 6 yrs are finally getting installed
    Ripper shfiter
    Passinger manual seat swtiched for full power seat (finally I'll put some of my grey seats to use after they've sat for years in my basement)
    Reflecting "Thunderbird SC" decals in rear bumper
    Installing OEM ford Daylight Running Light module
    Installing OEM mat set
    Installing OEM cargo net
    Installing OEM Auto head lamps (just swapping headlight switch)
    Installing OEM Auto dimming rearview mirror (have mirror, just want OEM harness to be plug n play without butchering cables)
    And toying with the idea of installing the FRPP steering wheel with Mark VIII illuminated buttons and OEM Bullit pedals
    Removing MP fresh air intake/separator and install OEM airbox

    Down the line I'll probably do the head gaskets before they blow, do ARP studs and BHJ balancer. I'll probably lower it, maybe exhaust but that's about it.
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