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Thread: 35th For sale. Moved out of state and lost my storage

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    35th For sale. Moved out of state and lost my storage

    Im selling my 1990 35th auto.
    The car has around 100k on it with around 100 miles on the rebuilt motor.
    I was a memeber before koopa169 when i bought my car some years back. Since then I have gotten a divorce and moved to Texas. I've missed you guys and my bird. My project was forced to be put on hold and now I've lost the place I was storing it. My friend begrudgingly has it at his house and needs me to get it moved. I cant get it to Dallas to get it finished. Therefore I'm really only left with the option to sell it. The car is parked In delaware Oh, just north of Columbus off of 315.

    I completely rebuilt the motor with many upgrades. The transmission (purchased from a user on here) was recently replaced along with a new torque converter. When the car was parked about 3 years ago the motor started and sounded good. She ran great with plenty of power before the converter, and or tranny went out. The only code it was throwing was bad o2 sensors (they still need replaced). I had bought the rebuilt tranny from someone on this site right before the divorce and had never gotten it put in until recently. During the tranny swap we discovered the bad converter and replaced it with a brand new one. After the swap the car still started, but has gained an interesting rattle/knock that I cant place what exactly it is. I've not heard this sound in person as the work was done while I was in Texas, only in video that my buddy sent when they started the car. My friend, nor I have time to diagnose the sound or fix it. I know the motor rebuild was done correctly following the shop manual, and specs for upgrades that I found on this site. However the car has been sitting for over 3 years with only a few starts during that time. The rebuilt tranny may not have been done correctly as the car wouldn't move forward. The original one was probably still good as the converter was probably causing the problem in the first place. I paid to have the tranny installed in hopes of selling a running and moving car. As you can tell that didn't happen as planned. I wish that i had the time and means to get this bird going again, just isn't going to happen. I've also been informed that the radiator may need replaced as, coolant is in the transmission fluid. The body of the car is 98% rust free. The hood is from a 90 white sc. The current rims on the car are from a 96 tbird. The whole car really needs painted, and the windsheild is cracked from sitting. The interior is fairly clean, as can be from sitting for so long. The back seats have split the seams at the top, but are otherwise in good shape. The front seats show the age of the car, but are covered with original ford seat covers. The windows both need re attached to the sliders. The moonroof works perfectly. The cats were punched out when I got the car, and still need replaced. Other than that exhaust is in good shape. Brakes need bled from sitting. As soon as I can get my friend to send me some pictures I'll add them to this post, or will email directly to anyone interested. As always if you are in the area feel free to stop and look in person.

    Ok so now that the full disclosure bad news is out of the way, here is the good.

    I'll list all the upgrades (that i can remember and will update when I find all my paperwork if I miss any). Also i have many many extra parts that i got from the white 90 donor car maroon interior, that I'm including with this sale. These include interior parts, seatbelt slides, complete motor broken down, supercharger and intercooler, original rims, complete ground effects, head and tail lamp housings, wire harnesses, computer, door hinge rebuild kits, car specific tools and original ford shop maunal, and some cosmetic things that I couldn't help buying from ebay. Probably some other things but that's what I know for sure is in the storage unit.

    Motor and car upgrades:
    The block was honed and milled down to a 0 quench height (specs were pulled from here and verified before block was cut). It was dipped and new freeze plugs were installed.
    All new bearings and crank was polished. Original rods and pistons were cleaned and re used with new rings.
    Heads were mildly ported and polished, planned and new valves installed with new arp head bolts. I believe I used the felpro gasket set.
    Brand new lifters and rollers were installed.
    crank was balanced with the flywheel before being re installed.
    Exhaust manifolds were gasket matched ported and polished.
    Bhj harmonic balancer.
    underdrive pulley kit.
    new alternater and starter.
    ac compressor was gutted and is now just a pully (have another in the parts if you don't like this option)
    New gatorback belts all around (seem to still be in good condition even with the sitting time of the car)
    supercharger was cleaned and rebuilt.
    New plugs and wires.
    larger 94/95 maf housing (not the big aftermarket one)
    K&N cone filter.
    Brand new solid rubber motor mounts.
    almost all new hoses.
    abs delete was done.
    new transmission cooler.
    front suspension was replaced on both sides.
    new drivers side door seal
    This list was all from memory. If I think of any more I'll add or edit this post.

    I'd love to get $2,500.00 for her, but I'm realistic. 3 years ago that might have been possible. She's been sitting a while and has her problems.
    Having said that I'll list this at $1,300 or best offer and see what happens. This is for the car and all extra parts that I have related to a supercoupe. It has a clear and clean title. I need to move this car quickly, I don't want to loose my car and my friend lol It will need to be taken on a trailer, and pulling it with a pickup would be a good idea for the extra parts. I will see If my friend is interested in any kind of auto trade, and I'll work it out with him later. I would consider a trade for firearms provided you can prove they are clean. Other than that I really need cash and to get it out of his driveway.

    Please email me @ with any and all questions.
    Thanks for reading
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    Exclamation Anyone?

    Any interest at all??? Got one request and no follow up after talking to him. I need to move this one. I'm open for suggestions and possible trades. Please call or email 614-679-5996 see above for email address.

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