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Thread: 95 SC for sale, Pearl White, price reduction, need gone asap

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    95 SC for sale, Pearl White, price reduction, need gone asap

    With great sadness I am selling off my supercoupes.
    1995 SC, pearl white with Mocha interior.
    She is a runner for sure.

    This car will drive anywhere you want, it gets driven less than 500 miles a year.
    The good
    Front end has a complete rebuild, drives straight and smooth.
    New front tires, rears have plenty of meat left on them.
    Previous owner had the engine and trans rebuilt. Trans is also J moded
    Aftermarket catless exhaust system.
    New battery
    New window motors
    COLD AC / HOT HEAT, the auto climate control works flawlessly
    ALL power accessories WORK
    Sunroof works flawlessly, NO Leaks !!
    Aftermarket Sony stereo with amp and subwoofer in the trunk, power antenna works, I just replaced it,
    VERY clean interior.

    The bad, but not too bad, as with a car of this age there are bound to be some flaws correct ?

    Typical clear coat issues, not really bad though.
    Typical splits in the top of the rear seat.
    Paint on drivers side front bumper has some paint flaking thanks to some azzhole in the store parking lot
    Belts under hood need replacing -I will include a new set.
    Headliner has a couple of boogers in it, not bad but I am disclosing anyway.

    The odometer is wrong, when I bought the car the speedo was completely broken, I replaced it with a another speedo, the correct 1 for the year but off a high mileage parts car. The original speedo had 140xxx on it if I remember correctly.

    The car is priced to sell at 2000 and need her gone asap. Call/text me at 954-548-1496 for more info.

    One ride in her and you will be in love !!!! She is not completely stock, she does run like a bat out of hell for sure.
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    All right let me add a little more info here.
    Dash board is mint.
    Brand new headlight housings and clear corners.
    Cold air intake
    EEC does have a tune of some sort by previous owner of some sort, I have never taken it down to see but trust me, I have driven many a SC and this one just flat out flies for what it seen as far as mods go, no next to stock SC bird runs like this !! This car would rape my 1994 5 speed !!!
    She will roast the rubber off the rims at will , hey its a Hybrid , burns gas and rubber

    Parts I will include with the car will include:
    Both front and rear slotted and drilled brake rotors and brand new ceramic pads.
    Brand new CX racing FMIC with piping kit.
    Brand new fan belts
    Have all brand new hoses as well.

    Car has about 500 miles it since recent tune up including plugs, wires, fuel filter.

    I will add more pics soon.

    Just wanted to add I myself have put over 2 grand in this car, I really think my price is more than reasonable for what you will be getting.
    Would like to sell her here within a reasonable amount of time.
    Willing to negotiate with any serious buyer.

    Car is located in zip code 32533, Pensacola Florida.
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    Bump, price reduced to 2000. need her gone within 2 weeks

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    I'm really surprised that no one wants a really nice 95 no rust and a daily driver..

    Here's a bump for ya Angelo..


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    95 sc

    I would love to get that car, but im redoing my motor. outta my reach. plus I gotta drive it back to ny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamakazie_1 View Post
    I'm really surprised that no one wants a really nice 95 no rust and a daily driver..

    Here's a bump for ya Angelo..

    RJ thanks my Brother !!!!!

    Tony you should buy this car, forget about rebuilding anything, jump in the drivers seat and roast tires at will, even with the AC on and stereo rocking

    She is not perfect by no means BUT you'd still be pressed to find a car in this condition that is not a garage queen !!

    Still waiting for a serious bite here

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    Cool still for sale?

    is it still for sale if so let me know [email protected] not on here much thanks.

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    X2. What's the latest.

    94 SC

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    The last time i talked to angelo he was keeping it,thats the last i have heard.

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