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Thread: Please post or forward me your Marti reports

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    95 SC Auto - only 1,494

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat DiPersia View Post
    Thanks guys, keep them coming!
    Pat, Kurt K, Creighton and others who may be interested:

    Do not know if you have already updated production numbers for the 95 MY. After reviewing Creigton's and Jon S's, Marti Reports on this thread, it looks like the previous production numbers were way off for Automatic trans 95 SCs. SCCoA years ago showed 5,167 Auto and 574 5 Spd cars. I believe you will agree that only 1,494 Autos and 645 5 Spd were produced on the last year (1995 - "SH") Super Coupes. These updated figures jive better with the steady decrease, year over year, MY 92, 93, 94 and 95 productions numbers. 5,167 seemed unlikely and out of place for 1995 Automatics?

    I have also noted over the years and comparing many 94-95 Super Coupes which may answer some questions poised here?
    -- The 1995 MY cars lacked several factory options that were available on 1994 cars but no longer in 1995. Among them were: JBL Sound, CD Changer, Auto-Dim Mirror and Analog Cell Phone w/ rear glass antenna.

    Also a little "Buck tag" trivia or insight from looking at dozens and dozens of buck tags from every model year: -- On the lower right corner of your SCs buck tag, you will see either K503 or K506, all preceded by one number digit - a 9, 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. K503 are manual transmission equipped engines (flywheel) , K506 are automatic transmission equipped engines (flex plate). The preceding digit is the model year the particular engine was manufactured. 9 = 89, 0 = 90, 1 = 91, 2 = 92, 3 = 93, 4 = 94. There is no 5 for 95. Curiously enough, no 1995 cars have a 5 before K503 or K506. They all have a 4K503 or 4K506 on the buck tag. I speculate that FORD had already decided that the Super Coupe would not be around for 1996, first year for the new ODB II Federal emissions standards, and so all the remaining manufactured engines used on 1995 cars must have been built in the Essex plant in 1994. Until someone shows me a buck tag on a 95 that starts with a 5 instead of a 4, I think I am fairly correct. All 95 car engines that I have seen so far, their engine block was cast in 94.

    Enough trivia for tonight,

    '90 SC 5 Spd, Oxford White/Black Leather, 1 owner -- XB-70 - AV1
    '92 SC Auto, Oxford White/Black Leather, -- "Weed" - aka XB-70 - AV2
    '90 SC Auto, 35th, all options car, -- "Phenix Bird"
    '95 SC 5 Spd, OP White/Grey Leather, -- DLF's built SC -- "Mr. Hyde"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt K View Post
    I find it interesting the 20 of the 1989 Super Coupes didn't come with the 3.8L supercharged engine.
    Wonder if it is a typo, if not what did the other 20 SC'c come with as an engine? Strange

    Also weird how only 68 had the 225/60VR16 tires. I thought all of them came with the same size/brand tire? Weird or no?

    Venetian Blue 1995 5 Spd...............No ET
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    Great work Glenn,
    Figured as much on the 95 Auto #'s. Just checked buck tags on both 95's "4". Bet you are correct. Will get a Marti on the 95 Five after bank account recovers from the recent house upgrades and tree planting spree :-).
    Thanks for all everyone is doing!!

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    1989 Thunderbird SC Marti Report

    I thought I had posted the Marti Report for my 89 5-speed, but apparently not. Here it is.

    Also, I can confirm that the buck tag on my 95 5-speed has the code 4K503.

    1989 SC Marti Report - edited.pdf
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    1989 SC 5-speed - Black
    1993 SC Auto - Red (parts car)
    1995 SC 5-speed - Moonlight Blue

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    Marti Report My 35th

    1FAPP64RXLH196675_dlxrpt.pdf My 35th and first SC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer35thSC View Post
    1FAPP64RXLH196675_dlxrpt.pdf My 35th and first SC.
    Thanks for posting this Spencer. I find it interesting that your Marti Report has a line item in the Statistics section for "With Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Package". My Marti Report did not have that listed in the Statistics section; instead, mine has a line item for "With Power Moonroof". Since both of our cars have power moonroofs, I'm a little confused.
    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    '95 SC 5spd -- All Stock, except 17" Simmons wheels.
    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd -- 3rd owner, 16k miles
    2 '89 XR7 5spd's -- on their way out, really!

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    Ok, finally got the request for Marti Deluxe in on my 95 5. Door tag and buck plate below. Will add report when it shows.
    Attached Images Attached Images   
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Creighton; 08-03-2018 at 05:40 PM. Reason: Marti report added.

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    Report added.

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    Black 1992 5 Speed

    Marti report for my 92

    Name:  Marti.JPG
Views: 258
Size:  103.8 KB

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    Lightbulb Tires

    Quote Originally Posted by Quik95SC View Post
    Also weird how only 68 had the 225/60VR16 tires. I thought all of them came with the same size/brand tire? Weird or no?
    I know mine came with the optional all season tires as opposed to summer tires so I think that's where that came from.

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    Looking for my 89

    New to forum. Not sure if this is the best place to post this.
    Looking to see if my 89 is still out there.
    It was red with grey cloth and a manual. Originally in NC.
    VIN 1FAPP64R7KH197572
    I still have the original Ownercard
    Thanks in advance for your time

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    The speculation around 94/95 being identical in nearly all regards makes total sense if they were known to be "on their way out" especially given the 94/95 LX was using OBDII. Would have been too costly to update the 3.8 SC to OBDII. I don't believe there is a way aside from the tags to tell the difference between the 94 and 95 SC. Are there any visible or technical differences?

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    1993 teal 5 speed

    Here's the Marti on mine.1FAPP64R8PH203208_dlxrpt.pdf

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    How does one get a Mart Report and Personalized stats?

    How does one get a Marti Report and Personalized stats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djs56 View Post
    How does one get a Marti Report and Personalized stats?
    Go here and follow the steps:
    Jim, SCCoA Member#: 2789

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