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Thread: Ford Racing 4.5 SVO V6 parts for sale, Warner Robins, GA

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    Ford Racing 4.5 SVO V6 parts for sale, Warner Robins, GA

    Cleaning out the shop, have a bunch of 4.5 SVO parts for sale:
    Harmonic balancer: $150.
    Titanium drive mandrel: $50.
    (2) Cam thrust plates, $20 for both.
    (2) Used CompCams solid roller cam, 256/260 .65" lift, 108, needs regrind, $50 each.
    (1) New in box Lunati solid roller cam, 252/256, .65" lift, 108, $250.
    (1) New in box Crane unground billet cam, $50.
    (1) New in box, Cloyes double roller, 3-position adjustable timing set, 4-bolt style, $50.
    (12) Used but excellent condition CompCams Elite race solid roller lifters, reduced body lightweight design with vertical link bars, set of 12, new cost would be close to $700, sell for $250 for the set. These also fit the 3.8L V6.
    CompCams custom rev kit, $50.
    Wet sump oiling kit, including (2) wet sump oil pans, oil pickup, timing cover with water pump plate, external oil pump, distributor hold down clamp, timing pointer, (4) timing cover gasket, (4) water pump gaskets, (3) oil pump gaskets, (3) front main seals, (2) head gaskets, $150.
    (11) Titanium intake valves, 2.100", $50.
    (12) Titanium exhaust valves, 1.625", $50.

    If you are interested, call me at 4seven8 2five6 7seven6six or e-mail [email protected].

    Tom Yentzer
    Super Six Motorsports
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    Any of this stuff still for sale?

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