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Thread: clearing out some parts

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    clearing out some parts

    Hi all,so I,m wondering if there is any interest in a 3.8 with a 5 speed or should I just send it for scrap value? Also have the complete rear diff with the sub frame. Its a 90 sc. The whole body is hear also, in beautiful condition.Do you think it would be worth while putting this stuff on craigslist? I have my good 95sc so I just need this stuff gone. The car is in pieces, I really hate the idea of sending the body to the crusher cause its in such good shape. But if I could get some $$ for it and see them go to a good home. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    You could post it up here in the parts for sale section.

    Your location would help so that people would know where the car was located so they would know if it was close to them for pick up.

    Only draw back is only giving a one day notice that you want or need it gone by this weekend.

    Good Luck.
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    pm sent. . .

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    Where are you located and what are you asking for all of it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fstcoup View Post
    Where are you located and what are you asking for all of it ?
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