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    Thinking about it...

    Here I go again... before making an appointment to take a look at this car, what is the general consensus regarding what the seller says is wrong / in need of repair? I have also listed the original add to assist in any evaluations. Thanks in advance!

    Sellers ad:
    1989 Super Coupe for sale, 88,000 miles, red exterior, tan leather interior w/ full interior LED conversion, spotless frame and undercarriage, this car was never driven in winter and sparingly driven in the rain. Supercharged 3.8L 5sp manual, cruise control, late model 145 MPH speedometer head with new gears, new front upper control arms, brand new factory Tokico Illumina II electronic struts replaced front and rear, 2.5" stainless custom true dual exhaust, late model saddle tank, new 190 LPH fuel pump, flowmaster 50 resonator and twin flowmaster 10 mufflers, differential carrier was swapped to the automatic 3.27:1 gears with trac-lok, B&M short throw shifter, clear corner signal lamps in front, cervini ram air style fiberglass hood, recently replaced the very hard to find sunroof seal.

    His reply to my questions:

    1- mileage is just under 88k
    2- supposedly the previous owner had changed the (supercharger) oil once, there is a bottle of motorcraft supercharger oil in the trunk by the spare tire, but i have never changed it myself
    3- i changed out the coolant around when i first got the car, about 3 years ago
    4- no leaks (vc gaskets) as far as i can tell, never really gave me a reason to look for one
    5- head gaskets never changed in my time owning the car
    6- has a code for the egr valve, i was planning to just buy a block off plate since its exempt now. and the last time i drove the car it sprang a PS leak so its currently manual steer, and theres a small engine oil leak coming from the oil filter housing, those things aside shes pretty well mannered for a 25/26 year old car.
    7- there is no rust on the car, like the ad says the car was primarily driven in good weather
    8- when i was regularly driving the car oil changes were done at the standard 3k intervals
    9- A/C is currently incomplete, i opened the dash the winter before last to fix a vacuum hose for the blend doors and replaced the heater core and A/C evaporator and from there the plan was to replace the entire system to convert it to R-134a, but never finished, so theres some new components installed but youll need to replace the rest or just connect the old components to the new ones and charge the system.

    So, even though I owned an '89 XR-7, I never had any problems as he describes. Any help as to how difficult / expensive the repairs would be is appreciated. And the last question (for now), what would be a fair price for it???



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    Well, you never know until you look at it. I don't know if the car is far from you, but to put it in perspective, i'd drove over an hour and a half to look at mine before I ended up buying it.

    This line makes me think that the seller is honest:

    "and the last time i drove the car it sprang a PS leak so its currently manual steer, and theres a small engine oil leak coming from the oil filter housing, those things aside shes pretty well mannered for a 25/26 year old car."

    If they're trying to hide something, generally they'd play dumb or pretend like they didn't know what was wrong with the car and maybe be surprised if you found something. "Wow, that was NOT happening yesterday" or something along those lines.

    Others are more of an expert than me on price, but I'd say $2500-$3000 is a good price, if there is no rust and other nasty hidden gremlins that will take a lot of work. It depends if you're the sort that really values A/C. Power steering issue is a minor fix, most likely. Even if the body/ motor/ interior are in great shape, i'd say (for me, anyways), 2 grand is always a great base price for it.

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