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Thread: could not stay away

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    could not stay away

    been a member for a while sold my last supercoupe and got drug back in by a smokin deal on a 95 auto, good thing i still have a few parts laying around i guess lol
    got a few projects to handle on the car then it will be ready to rock new thermostat , plugs and wires, good interior cleaning , and a serious bath are first on my list
    i have a 5% od j/s pulley and gonna have the cats deleted since im emissions expempt and one is pretty clogged up anyways
    this car is vacuum brakes is that normal ? i thought they were all hyd assist
    and the firm ride is stuck on so il have to deal with that also

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    Welcome back man!!! The supercoupes/xr7's have a way of pulling us back in to the game
    Tom Downs-member#2752
    MPX'd 90 SC Auto~bought Feb. 2012
    RIP MOM!!! I will always miss and think about you 4Ever! 1940-2018
    RIP Rexy boy!!!! Miss my dog 2006-2018

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    Welcome back
    My '95 is vacuum assist and I know the 90-95 ABS and non ABS used vacuum.

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    Welcome back! Most of the people that I talk to that have had an SC, do miss it. I think that the SC values will go up in value some day because of that sort of thing.

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