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Thread: My totaled '89 SC Daily Driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Groth View Post
    Some moving parts here - so I'll outline it the best I can without boring too much.

    I bought Dave Clark's 1.7 AR over the winter when he is decided on upgrading to the 2.3. Bought his setup with the understanding the "kit" would be sent to Ken to use to fab up the new 2.3 intake plenums, return plenums etc. Seeing as Ken is finishing up Dave's stuff - the 1.7 kit should be on it's way to the east coast to be installed. The tentative date is end of May beginning of June.

    While all of this was taking place, (knowing there was some down time) I sent all my parts off to be chromed just the same as Dave's - so everything will be chromed just like his - brackets, tensioners, alternator, throttle body, pulleys, water neck, sent the MP FMIC pipes to be chromed...pretty much anything that the eye can see will be chromed. The AC compressor will be Polished however...anyways should look "show worthy" in the engine bay. On top of that several new parts, switching to MP FMIC w/ griffin radiator, AR Kit, 95mm MP TB, 4" intake, slot MAF,re- installing A/C, Wide band setup, snow kit and several other maintenance items. Also picked up the chrome oil cap cover and the new aluminum bleeder cap...

    As for the car - it's been taking up space at Chris Vining's shop...he made the comment a few years ago "You should just let me fix this thing right over the winter..." so I took him up on it in 2015, but with the understanding to take his time and not so much worry about a timeline. He started working on it end of 2016 after I gathered most of the new parts ...then Dave offered the AR that moved the timeline back again...and well here we are.

    Once it's done, it should be finished and not a pieced and patched together project without end in sight.

    It will git er dun
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    Pulled the new engine this weekend to help my nephew get the ball rolling on his build. Motor is from one of my project cars...figure a 94/95 Bottom end would be a good starting point. Engine is now on the stand and well get all new bearings and rings. Heads on this engine came with 1100 dollars worth of rebuilding/porting/polishing and also a mild cam. Had the engine removed in 30 mins given the car came with 90% of the parts in the trunk.

    I'll keep updating as the progression moves forward...

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