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Thread: mach 1 hood for 89-93, nice shape

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    Quote Originally Posted by superklotz View Post
    I have a blue mach 1 hood for an 89-93 for sale, $250. Its in real nice shape, no damage or cracks. Its not a cervani, the underside is not finished as nice, but it also weighs less than the cervani if you're going for every bit of weight savings. I also do paint and bodywork for a living, so if you want it painted to match your car, I can do that as well. I live close to lexington ky and i'm also in louisville alot too, you can pick it up, or I could possibly meet you somewhere. If it needs to be shipped, just send my your zip and I'll get a shipping quote. I will go over and snap some pics of it if anyone is interested.
    do you still have this?

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    Thread is well over a year old....

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