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Thread: Pros and cons of a cam?

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    Pros and cons of a cam?

    So i was told by many that adding a different cam could significantly improve my performance. true? I found one on scp that i was thinking of buying. My car is bone stock with the exception of a 75mm tb and k&n filter. would this be helpful or hurtful on my engine? It has maybe 150k on it. the odo didnt work when i bought it.

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    Normally, I think realization of cam benefits result when combined with other (major?) mods - I don't think you're there yet, but if you have a plan, then maybe it's time to think about a cam...just be sure to have it spec'd accordingly.

    Note too that some owners use a cam from another year/trans type SC - what year is yours and does it have an auto or manual trans?

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    ....and I would talk with Dave Dalke before you did. The off the shelf grinds aren't the best. I trust what he says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HwyStar View Post
    ....and I would talk with Dave Dalke before you did. The off the shelf grinds aren't the best. I trust what he says.
    What he said.... also a cam requires a tune and should also have a
    set of performance heads (big piece of the puzzle) and all other suporting mods
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