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Thread: 3.8 SC quits out of the blue then refires soon after,,,Help!

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    Sorry to hear, Fred. Your Comet is beautiful--love the tires/ wheels, and I would love to see the looks of confusion when you lift the hood at the car shows. The cool thing with that engine, is that you're getting great gas mileage for a great cruiser, but with great power and torque. Other guys with big stroked out engines and things like that often make the cars race ready, but the cruiseability suffers. The small but high powered V6 engine seems like a natural choice for a small, economical car......if they built the Comet with a high powered option in the late 80's, you'd think that the supercharged 3.8 would be a consideration from the factory.
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    Well I finally got the car out of the garage to try the fixes several of you have offered!!
    I replaced the DIS module and the heat transfer grease under it.
    drove it about 200 miles today under several conditions with 0 problems!
    A lot has happened this year and never really got to the Comet till just lately
    Thanks to all those who offered ideas.

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    It is always great to hear when someone gets their SC engine up and running, man.

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    That is a very cool car man!!! Awesome job putting the SC motor under the hood, car looks great and glad you got the problem solved!!!
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    RIP MOM!!! I will always miss and think about you 4Ever! 1940-2018
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