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Thread: Your Favorite Car related programing TV, Internet etc.

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    Your Favorite Car related programing TV, Internet etc.

    If you love cars its super tough to find decent shows that don't suck. Especially with all the reality shows now bleeding into the car culture(Gas Monkey Garage prime example horrid and mind numbing to watch) ... so here is a list of shows that I like.

    What have you all found that's got decent content?

    Jay Leno's Garage - Not even a big Leno fan but I love watching this show

    The Smoking Tire - Automotive video reviews and adventures. No Hollywood, no bosses, no bull
    The SC's European cousin - Ford 5.0-liter v8 plus a blower---- the sound it makes soo good

    Chris Harris on Cars One of may favorites

    Hot Rod Garage

    Gearz with Stacy David

    Regular Car Reviews funny entertaining good stuff.

    RoadKill craziness the - 24 hours of "Lemons" episode is a must watch
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    Those are pretty much all the good ones that I know of, Roadkill being my favorite. The quality though seems to have taken a nose dive since the Mopar sponsorship. I think they are also really busy trying to turn it into a big profit making machine. Not that I blame them, but it's no where near as entertaining as it used to be. I hope they turn it around.

    The Motor Trend channel in general is pretty good. I like the "Ignition" episodes where they test high end cars and usually let Randy Probst drive/hotlap them.

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    I really enjoyed watching wheeler dealers.

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    I just found out that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are making a new car show with Amazon (for Prime subscribers.) I'm excited to see how that turns out. Nothing has topped Top Gear (pardon the pun) yet as far as car shows go IMHO.

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    I'm not a loyalist, even with the shows that I really like, there's some episodes that don't appeal to me.

    Agreed on The Smoking Tire.

    Roadkill is a must watch.....Freiburger and Finnegan are gods among mortal men, because somewhere in between the Rotsun, comparing Chevy vs. Ford cop cars in a torture test, and offroading a 1980 Monte Carlo with hydraulics, they have proven that even though they may not make sense, they make the most sense in any build that has never made any sense (if that makes any sense?).

    Jay Leno's Garage is also one that I watch pretty frequently.

    Big Muscle is really good, and they try to deviate off the beaten track for unique builds.

    Drive has some good things, too. I had just watched the "What makes the LS so good?" recent video with Tom Nelson, and he explains a whole bunch of engine building terms, and power curve and other things that may go overlooked in a build.

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    None of the "shows" do it for me. Its all fake except some of the Hot Rod how to shows. But, what started, and defined who Iam?

    This did.

    I skipped school to watch this movie over and over. Havent bothered to see the new one. Call me old fashioned, but all the make up and stuff is all over the top. Nothing like the originals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCarSC View Post
    I really enjoyed watching wheeler dealers.
    I'll be more specific - I love Edd China's education sections. Now that he's gone, it's ... not much.

    Graveyard Carz when they're being informative; not so much when Mark is being, well let's just say there's times I don't think he'll EVER have a hemmeroid, being a perfect ~~~~~~~.

    Chuck Foose's series was good IMO for what it showed.

    Garage Squad is also interesting.

    (Like that on both the latter two, the females are shown getting dirty with the males. Equal opportunity work y'all! And the two biggest problems some women have working on cars, well, I have an even bigger problem being 360 pounds *grins*)


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    Wheeler Dealers & Chasing Classic Cars are the only two I watch regularly anymore.

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    I also enjoyed Wheeler Dealers when Edd China was on but not so much with the new guy. I've enjoyed some of the Jay Leno's garage episodes but not all. The old Top Gear crew are the best.
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