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Thread: first time Thunderbird owner

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    first time Thunderbird owner

    Owned a couple cougars rebuilt a few 3.8s na and sc, never owned either a thunderbird or a 3.8 sc before. Recently purchased a 1990 35th anniversary SC that needs head gaskets, so looks like the first mod will be is completely ported and polished top end and manifolds and gut the exhaust as well as delete ac and smog. Arp headstuds are on the way, ordering 97 3.8 mls gaskets in the morning. Custom tune at the shop I work at (horsepower solutions) and drive this thing everyday everywhere. Owned and built a few racecars in my life and with a 2 year old little girl it's just not what I want anymore, want more time with family than wrenching and vehicles that won't let me down.
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    Congratulations on your first SC. Judging from the picture it looks to be in pretty good condition. Auto or manual?
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    I don't know what it is about these cars but my daughter since she was 2 has been . Obsessed with mm12s lol this summer on the way into it a clean 97 sport with stock c :chome rims parked and she dragged me over to It and insisted I talk to the owner, some really cool old man. Long story short we spent over an hour showing one another our cars. Man,he has the cleanest 97 I've ever seen and its in upper Michigan.
    My little girl actually broke down in tears when I told her I gotta sell the bird. But I will want another mm12.
    Cool car, look for a 94 / 95 sc,injects and mafs .You would be great to go then.

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