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    New SC owner from CA

    Hello everyone, I just picked up a 92 Super Coupe. I had my 89 base model since 2012. I put alot of money in my old car when my tranny died, I also got alot of help getting my suspension fixed up with a PBR brake upgrade. I just wanted something nicer so I picked up this beauty.

    I'm new to this site but I've been on TCCOA a while.
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    Looks nice - good luck w/it and welcome.


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    congrats on the new ride and welcome!

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    Whereabouts in CA are you?? I just bought a 91 SC but I'm not sure how the motor is supposed to sound! What I mean is it supposed to be smooth or do you hear a little whine from the CS??

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    I meant SC not CS..

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    It really comes down to what has been changed on the car. Assuming that it is stock, you should hear a little at high rpm, if your seeking an easy change to get more noise, you can remove the air silencer from under the air box.

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