I recently bought a 1989 Supercoupe five speed. I got it from the original owner and it has 109k miles on it and it needs a clutch. The exterior is fairly nice but the interior is pretty rough, the engine seems to start and run fairly well.

I am entering the car in a local junkyard race and need to run a mid to high 12 second pass to be near the top. I realize this can be a tall order to fill in a supercoupe because of the weight. I originally planned to do this with an older mid 80s 2.3L turbocoupe but those cars have become difficult to find in decent shape. The good news is that because this is a junkyard race, I can remove as much weight as I would like to try to achieve my goal.

I am well versed in making a EEC-IV controlled mustang run and also well versed in ford engine controls in general, I just installed a Holley HP EFI system on my SN95 mustang. While I have owned a turbocoupe, I have never dealt with a Supercoupe before. So I am looking for input from the veterans on weight reduction and secondly, making power. I have read many threads here about making power with these engines, so I have done some simple research on replacing the throttle body, mass air meter, etc. Generally I don't see much talk about reducing weight.

- Can you get a thousand pounds out of one of these cars? I know the IRS is very heavy, the bumpers look very heavy, are there crash bars inside the doors? On Fox body mustangs the door crash bars can be worth 30-40 lbs each

- I have read a lot of the E85 threads and understand the concerns with using it. For running E85, has anyone tried replacing the 30 lb injectors in one of these cars with 42 lb injectors? With E85 requiring 40% more fuel, it seems like you would be "in the ballpark" as long as the fuel pump can keep up. A 255 lph (or even a 340) pump may be in order obviously. Part throttle dirveability is not really a concern as long as it will start and get through the burnout box.

- Is there any way to alter the timing without a chip? I know there is a knock sensor, if you unplug it does the computer immediately retard timing and go into a limp home mode?

- Does anyone want to buy the blower after this things explodes? (just kidding on this one)