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Thread: 1989 SC needs to run mid 12s

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Neibert View Post

    Wondering if you are still planning to be at the Zip Tie drags in STL on Sept 16th. Planning to be there with my son and grandson.

    Yes, I will be there. Stop by and dispense some much needed knowledge.

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    I got knocked out in the fourth round of the Roadkill Zip Tie Drags $3,000 Hooptie Challenge in St. Louis this past weekend thanks to me red lighting. My most memorable match up was in the first round when the guy next to me was in a Green Grand Prix. He was giving us the full sandbag treatment in the staging lanes, saying he had no chance. Turned out he was spraying that thing and running 13s. He tried to spray me and had a nitrous explosion at the starting line. The full story is linked below, please note the mention of supercharged V6s:

    Just to summarize, since my last outing we added 52 lb. GT500 injectors with no changes to the ECM, mass air meter or the fuel pressure. This was done so that we could change to E85. Thanks to a great deal on here, I also added an MP2 blower, MP inlet and 10% overdrive pulley to the blower. Once I sell the old blower and inlet, I should be into these parts for less than $150. Naturally this change pegged the stock boost gauge so I have no idea how much boost it is now making.

    When we loaded the car for the race we knocked the factory fuel lines loose from the passenger side rocker area and planned to zip tie them up once we got to the track. Once at the track, my partner put the ties on a little tight and restricted the return line. While waiting for my first run in the staging lanes I noticed that the fuel pressure was stuck at 65 psi. We couldn't fix the problem right there in the lanes so I made the pass anyway. I could tell the car was significantly faster at first but as I got to mid track the fuel pump was dead heading against the line restriction and the AF ratio went into the 12s, she still went:

    60 ft 2.09
    330 ft 5.72
    1/8th 8.67
    mph 82.61 mph
    1000 ft 11.276
    1/4 13.45
    mph 103.86

    Once we fixed the fuel line issue, I made a pass and the AF ratio was going into the high 11s. I added a few psi of fuel pressure, putting it into the high 40s under boost and from then on it maintained an AF ratio in the 10s for the entire run on each pass for the rest of the day. Considering my sensor is on the gas scale, I thought that was good enough. Also, on the E85 the car would barely get warm, the only time it came up to the normal zone on the factory temp gauge was after two back to back hot laps. In short, E85 is fantastic stuff in this car. Best pass of the day was a 13.06 but I appear to be missing that timeslip (will post it when I find it). Second best was:

    60 ft 1.906
    330 ft 5.533
    1/8th 8.482
    mph 84.08 mph
    1000 ft 11.022
    1/4 13.179
    mph 104.58
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    Very cool man.
    Matt Haub
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    ....Nice job!

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    This is awesome! Congrats
    Making woosh sounds since 2010!

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    Well Done!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micahdogg View Post
    ....Nice job!

    Micah still lives???
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    Found my last time slip. This was with a little higher launch rpm. I reckon it was moving pretty good:

    60 ft 1.861
    330 ft 5.43
    1/8th 8.358
    mph 84.46 mph
    1000 ft 10.89
    1/4 13.05
    mph 104.19

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