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Thread: Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

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    I'll take an hour on the go-karts. I'm pre-registered for the show.

    Yes, SCCoA will be taking care of lunch on Saturday and Sunday (If anyone is left!) Burgers and dogs, chip and dip and water and soda. Rob, full size grill last year was GREAT! Appreciate you bringing that again.

    If anyone else wants to bring any food/drinks to share, feel free.

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    I'm registered and have hotel set up. If there are t-shirts I'll take a large and medium. I can also bring something for the cook out.

    Look forward to seeing everyone

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    No t-shirt this year (sorry to disappoint everyone)...I just really don't have the time to make em happen and then manage selling them at the show and afterwards is simply more time than I have.

    I will bring some items for the grill, some items for the raffle and I'm thinking of some free give out items...I'll see what I can scrounge up.

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    Wow, can't believe Carlisle is less than two weeks away!

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    Carlisle event

    guys i am going to make it up this year Tim i undertsnad you are nor doing shirts this year. Let me ask do you have any XL or XXL from last year? If so i will take one i missed last year an d i loved the design

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    I have never been to the show. I wanna go but bit of a drive for just one day I'dbe able to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxSlowpokexX View Post
    ok you get trophy duty!!!!!!
    Cool, unless you say other wise we will only judge Cougars and Thunderbirds that have SCCoA Club Members on their registration. No preferences will be given.
    1990 XR7 and 1955 F250!

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