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Thread: Ford Thunderbird SC Supercoupe parts for sale! CHEAP

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    Ford Thunderbird SC Supercoupe parts for sale! CHEAP

    I have a ton of SC parts for sale.
    Came from a red 1995 Thunderbird SC with a GREY interior.
    (everything is dirty and needs a good cleaning from storage- don't mind the dirt on the pics)

    I need to get rid of the parts asap- contact me CHEAP prices!

    1) Door panels front and rear
    2) A complete (including wiring and electrical) dash. One small crack- otherwise great condition!
    3) Stock intercooler
    4) Supercharger plumbing
    5) Spare tire
    6) front lights
    7) Stock manifolds
    8) Brake booster
    9) 5 speed pedals
    10) Sunroof
    11) Interior panels
    12) Driveshaft
    13) Quarter windows
    14) Both doors- good shape
    15) rear view mirror
    16) Weatherstripping

    and more!
    I still have the shell as well if you need anything from there.

    Email for prices and what you need.

    I'm in Toronto but the parts are in Essa, just south of Barrie. I can meet weekends to sell parts.

    Pics won't upload- email and I can send them or go here:
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    Hi James, do you have the front spindles and hubs? If so how much do you want for them? I'm out of province right now but will be back in a couple of weeks. Pm me. Thanks Tom

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    Need a rear window? thx

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