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Thread: The SC did a cameo in a Ford promo video game!

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    The SC did a cameo in a Ford promo video game!

    So I have no idea how or why I found this, but apparently the Super Coupe was the star in an old Ford promotional video game called Ford Simulator II. I just totally geeked out when I found it.

    I assume Ford was REALLY trying to promote he SC at the time since it's pretty much the only car you can drive in the game, and its' likeness is plastered all throughout the game. It's pretty much just a playable ad for the SC, and other cars in the ford lineup at the time. It even touts the JBL audio system equipped in our cars!

    I subscribe to this guy on YouTube, and when I saw the SC steering wheel in one of his thumbnails my jaw just dropped. I found it pretty hilarious, and I thought I'd share it here. Please excuse the bad quality, it's a pretty old video.


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    LOL, that's a great find. I think that's officially the only "game" to ever feature a Thunderbird SC (or any MN12 car AFAIK.)
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    Wow makes me feel old and he needs to come to carlise or the shootout after that review of a sc lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by plethaus View Post
    LOL, that's a great find. I think that's officially the only "game" to ever feature a Thunderbird SC (or any MN12 car AFAIK.)
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    lol....very nice.

    Now we know why the SC undersold!
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    Great find! Is it bad that now I totally want that game...who has an old PC I can use?
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