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    Girl Power

    A few of you know that I purchased a Lightning for Gabrielle last year. I got a decent deal on a built Lightning so I went with that. It needed plugs and had a nasty exhaust pop from time to time. I ended up buying a billet mid plate, bigger intercooler, weapon X coils, plugs, electric fans and about $300 worth of ARP nuts and bolts. Jim Sanderson (everyone knows Jim) and Thomas Aden (Mr. Racing Aden) came over and tore the top of the motor down and replaced everything with what I had bought.

    Jim came back a few more times to finish up the eFan wiring and took some quality pictures for us. Thanks again Jim and Thomas. I think I might have removed one bolt. Name:  IMG_2042.jpg
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    One more picture.

    Name:  IMG_2075.jpg
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    Nice truck - lucky girl.

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    good thing you took the pic's

    hate to ruin a great looking truck with you in the Glad you got that thing running good for now.. Just think if you now worked or at least got a crew together to get your bird looking that
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    Nice touch with the license plate too!

    It's not a 97 Sport, it just looks like one!

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    That's one truck I wouldn't mind owning. Always had a soft spot for those lightnings
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