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Thread: Helping hand

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    Helping hand

    Ive been floating around for the last couple years just stopping in and seeing what's going on in the super coupe world. I still have both of my thunderbirds they've been collecting dust in the garage for awhile now

    I started a new job at a ford dealership working in the parts department I know we once had a guy that helped out tccoa and sccoa looking up parts. Most of the stuff has been obsolete for years but if there's something specific you're looking for I might be able to track it down for ya.

    Admin sorry if this should be in a different forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoToneThunder View Post

    Admin sorry if this should be in a different forum
    Seems like the right place to me
    My Garage

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    Good to know!

    Fast Ed's the guy you're thinking about...he also sold his SC but I still see him lurking around the forum from time to time . Glad he is.

    Hope you don't mind if I reach out with PN questions. That's what I did with Ed hehe.
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    Haha no problem at all

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