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Thread: Passenger seat on drivers side??

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    Passenger seat on drivers side??

    I can't find a clean drivers seat anywhere for my 95 green xr7
    I picked up 2 clean passenger seats anyone ever bolt passenger
    Side on drivers side it wouldn't be power anymore but that's ok

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    The bolt holes won't line up to the floor. However, you might be able to swap the new seat onto the old track and have everything work (might). If you stay the course at the wreckers you might find something better.

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    Also, the seat back release and tilt lever would be inboard - no easy way to release to get into the back seat.

    Maybe swap the cushions, or I agree w/PSS, keep looking.

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    Well I finally got around to finishing
    This project I searched the yards for a manual track
    Drivers side seat in good condition and put a passenger side
    Upholstery on the drivers seat frame went on
    Fits pretty good just the power seat seat switch
    Cutouts are on console side now and had to cut new
    Hole for seat release on back of seat
    But if you are like me with the green interior
    It's works fine

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