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Thread: New supercoupe owner 1989

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    New supercoupe owner 1989

    Hey guys found a new used Super coupe 1989. I picked this car up for 700 dollars, the car came from Saskatchewan at some point in its life. Someone must of tried driving it in the winter, there's damage to the front passenger fender and the front and rear bumpers are broken in a few spots rust spot on the back fender well. Over all exterior condition i would give a 6/10
    Interior is nice, does need a good cleaning though, seats are solid no rips or tears, headliner has a few spots but nothing major, one or two small burn holes in a few spots on the car. I would give the interior a 7-7.5/10 It even still has the stock radio.
    Power train looks brand new, no major oil spillage on any of the components, car runs good pulls hard through the gears, it's an automatic so i guess i can't pull through the gears lol.

    When i removed the air silencer it has the Canadian winter package on it (block heater)

    So i'm the proud owner of one of 4768 Automatic supercoupe.

    My plan was to use it as a beater, then after seeing the low numbers in 89 i'm going to fix it up a little bit. This a fun car to drive, cruises nicely, goes like a bat out of hell. I'm keeping it. Oh and it has 26xxxxx kms on it give or take a few kms.

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    Welcome and nice find you have there!!! Better off keeping it stock, and just hit the cruise control :-)
    Tom Downs-member#2752
    MPX'd 90 SC Auto~bought Feb. 2012
    RIP MOM!!! I will always miss and think about you 4Ever! 1940-2018
    RIP Rexy boy!!!! Miss my dog 2006-2018

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