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Thread: 1991 SC Upper/Front Harness - For Sale

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    1991 SC Upper/Front Harness - For Sale

    For Sale $75 shipped.

    1991 SC upper/front harness. Connects to: DIS, A/C clutch, cam sensor, crank sensor, shielded grounds (x2), coil (w/suppressor connector), SPOUT plug (included) and the main harness* at the supercharger front corner.

    Has been cleaned and reconditioned, with any broken connectors/keepers replaced. Re-taped as needed w/factory type black fabric tape. Sealed w/clear coat. Includes packet of connector grease and used DIS (not tested). Ready to install.

    *Be sure to confirm it fits your SC by counting the pins at the large connector at the supercharger...should be a 12-pin connector (actual used = 9).

    Used metal bracket that holds the harness and bolts to the supercharger add $5.

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