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Thread: Want to weigh your car at the Shootout?

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    Want to weigh your car at the Shootout?

    I can bring my scales again, but I want to make sure there's still interest in doing so. It's not a ton of extra effort, but if everyone who wants to weigh their car has done so, no sense in me lugging them up there.

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    with all the changes ive made id like to weigh mine again Will.
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    Same here I am curious if mine is heavier now lol
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    id like to weigh again. i've tried to take some weight out this year.
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    I'll jump on them again too if you decide to bring them. I haven't done much that I haven't weighed separately since last year, but might try to do a race weight with the drag wheels and everything this time.
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    Okay. I'll bring the scales.

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