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Thread: 2016 Shootout Roll Call

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    Don't know who or what, but I do know where!
    I need a break/roadtrip & the last few parts for the sc.
    So the shootout sounded good to me.
    I won't be taking my sc. Still in project statis.
    I'm goin to take my lastest project "work truck" I just completed. 1990 ranger Aka RAW RANGER
    I'm just goin to register as a spectator.
    Don't want to upset anybody; )
    Looking foward to shaking DaveDs hand & personally thanking him & meeting fello enthusiast, hanging out & enjoying the weekend/roadtrip. See Y'all on the flipside

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCrazy View Post
    Do they have a dyno at your hotel??
    I take my butt Dyno with me everywhere.
    Making woosh sounds since 2010!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverfastenough View Post
    I take my butt Dyno with me everywhere.
    It's not the officially approved SCcoA butt dyno.

    Tanya and I will be there. We'll be fully dressed.
    SCCoA Member #247
    Hardcore TBU #5 (in tow)

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    A good friend/enthusiast will be joining me on the journey. So add 1 more to the roll call.

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    I'll be for sure and I will be secretly gathering vital information from the strong SC's and go home after the shootout is over and make notes b4 NEWER body rusts again. Sandy will be following me on Saturday only, trying to convince her to come Sunday too.

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    Matt and I will be there with the girls. Friday and Sat only. I will be coming down earlier I Friday and Matt and oldest daughter later that night. See you all soon

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    My crew is coming

    Ted, the kids, mom, dad and myself will all be there! Like Brian said, wouldn't miss it!


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    The car is loaded. The truck is packed. Sucked doing both of those today in the pouring rain.
    Tony (he's driving his own car down) and I will be leaving at 6:30 am. 800 km with stops for food etc. should be to the hotel by 5:00 pm.
    See y'all tomorrow.

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