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Thread: Engine on stand, roughly 45 ft lbs to rotate, need assistance.

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    Engine on stand, roughly 45 ft lbs to rotate, need assistance.

    Newly assembled engine still on the stand. I've been assembling this for a while. New crank, cam, timing gears and chain, new oil pump, etc. The valvetrain is not assembled yet but the head is on.

    Problem: very hard to rotate the assembly at the crank. Roughly 45 ft lbs with a torque wrench to start the initial rotation. The engine has been oiled down and sprayed with wd-40 another time. Should I be concerned with the tightness of the new engine?

    Does anyone else have an engine to test a rotation with a torque wrench?

    I haven't been on here for a long time because I haven't been able to drive this car and have problems with it

    Thank you for your assistance!

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    Are the spark plugs in?

    If this is just a rotating assy, then yes something is wrong in the bottom end.
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    Did you put the main bearings in the correct location, given the rear one is smaller. Ran into this on my build when I left my brother n law in charge of that portion of the build.

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    The spark plugs are not in yet.

    The main caps are in the right order and specifically the rear one had extra special attention as the bore and bearing are smaller than the rest. I had one connecting rod replaced as I had spun a rod bearing on the old crank. I bought a new crank and replaced that rod.

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    Did you check all the clearances prior to assembling everything? Just throwing an engine together with used parts and hoping everything will be in spec is a recipe for disaster.

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    I ran in to this same issue when I rebuilt my engine. It turned out that O'Rielly's gave me the wrong main bearings. Evidently, there is a slight difference in the size of the bearings in a supercharged v6 verses the non supercharged one. I'm not sure this is your problem, but it's worth a look.
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    I'd double check the bearing order too....I made the same mistake.
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