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Thread: Epic Drive Poll

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    Epic Drive Poll

    Many of you have heard me bring up the idea of an "Epic Drive" for the last 2 Shootouts. I'm going to begin some of the planning for doing so with a small poll. Mainly for length etc. Once I/we get a little more organized with volunteers/organizers more will come.

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    Is this in addition to the shootout, same weekend? Or do this at a completely different time than the shootout and still have the shootout?
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    This will be a completely separate event. Timing of when this happens may be dictated by the route chosen. For example I'm not driving the NorthEast in the winter.

    Think similar to the Hot Rod Power tour, but more specialized.

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    This type of event would take away from the competitive nature of the Shootout and replace it with a chance to really get to know your car and would really place an emphasis on open road enjoyment. A caged C4 SC with minimal mufflers wouldn't be a lot of fun for something like this, but a bone stock or a variety of levels in between would be a lot of fun. It's a lot more cool to drive by and watch SC's in action rolling down the road than it is to wander up and down the parking lot looking at them with the hoods open.

    I've done Hot Rod Power Tour many times. It's always epic.
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    I think this is an awesome idea! Lots of cool places to go... smokey mountains
    would be awesome!
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    I am all for this! Friday night at the shootour a handful of us went to an old style drive in restaurant and had a great time. Getting together only once a year just isnt enough. Some of us find ourselves attending other events to "fill in".
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    Sounds fun, get to see the country a little...I'm game.

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    This does sound like an awesome idea...time of year / location / duration would determine whether I/we could attend, but I am definitely interested!
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    Great idea that I would surely be interested in doing. Luckily for me vacation is never a problem, I get plenty every year and there are no certain times of the year I "can't get away". The only exception would be bringing my wife near the end of September would be very tough as it was this year, when she finally got there at 1:30am Saturday morning.

    I really like the back roads ideas, but obviously some interstate may be required.

    Not sure if anyone has heard of a similar program called Rally North America, but it is very similar to what Chris is proposing, but on a much larger scale. They have scavenger hunts, location finds, where you have to take a picture of the location to prove you were there!

    One year the group came through Clarksville and had organized with our local 1/8th mile drag strip to let every one run down the strip as often as they wanted in the 4-5 hours on site. Then they had to "find" the Jack Daniels Distillery based solely on a picture and no other clues. Anyway, I really like the format and we could incorporate some of the same types of things in ours.

    I am ready to do something else besides just the shootout that's for sure!

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    I'm interested, but it isn't feasible for my whip.
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