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Thread: sc engine in a lx

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    sc engine in a lx

    So here,s what I have. A 90 sc engine, minus the sc. The po took the sc off when the head gasket went out, that's when I got the car. I pulled the head,s and this engine looks like it was just overhauled, spotless inside. So now I have my eye on a 90 lx car that needs an engine, 3.8 also. Will the sc motor work in this car, swapping intake of course. Thanks for any advice.

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    It will work fine. Compression is a bit lower. The timing cover is also different and the waterpumps are not interchangeable so that would be your biggest snafu. If you don't change the timing cover over to the NA 3.8 version you'll have some issues with routing of water lines. Either way be sure to keep the SC harmonic balancer and flywheel with the SC engine because they are different. Would be a great car to put a turbo on! lol
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    Thanks xr7dave.I can get the lx car for next to nothing$$. So should be able to swap all needed parts from that engine to the sc engine. Can you suggest what gasket set I should get for it? Again thanks.

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