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Thread: AOD Mods?

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    From my understanding, yes. Here is a good ref. subject on the AOD, AODE and 4R70W transmissions :

    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aroot1 View Post
    Well, I guess I shoulda asked BEFORE I picked up a known good, low mi on rebuild AOD from a buddy. The better choice seems to b the 4R70. I will keep that in mind moving forward. I am the kinda guy who likes to jump in once and get it ALL done, but I think this time I'm gonna just throw one of the B&M kits in this trans, and possibly a converter. 4R70 will be the "next" phase. The AOD and 4R70 use the same converter correct?


    No, the 4R70w TC has a clutch that the computer controls the AOD is purely hydraulic. This is the only thing you can't get with a AOD, and the only thing different form AODs like mine and Jacobs. A built AOD now is internally a 4R70 with certain aftermarket parts like a 300M input shaft, and extra lube mods.

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