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Thread: Hi, are Mark VIII's welcome here ???

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    Hi, are Mark VIII's welcome here ???

    Hi, my name is Don and I forgot that I joined up here 5 years ago. I also joined Mid Atlantic MN12, LVC, LOD, and TCCOA. But Mid Atlantic MN12 is closing and they recommended I come here. Well at Mid Atlantic Mark VIII's were welcome and added to their list. But I do not see any Mark VIII on any of your list. So are Mark VIII's welcome ???

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    Welcome all mn12s in here! Alot of the guys own marks and scs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davec73 View Post
    Welcome all mn12s in here! Alot of the guys own marks and scs.
    Actually Mark VIII's are the FN10 platform but yes they are welcome.........................
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    Mark VIII's are welcome here - as mentioned many members have both. Also the majority of us folks are here so hence the suggestion to move here since that site is closing.

    Welcome to the group.

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    Damn right! I have one and about $20k parts waiting to assemble.....
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    They let me in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by driller View Post
    They let me in.
    Yeah, can you Imagine that ROFL!!

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    I enjoy seeing MarkVIII's at our car events...
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