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Thread: anyways to get a number for your sc?

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    anyways to get a number for your sc?

    i was thinkin beings these cars are limited production and all that if there was anyways to give any one car a number like on baseball cards( or any card for that reason) like #324 out of say 1000 made,or whatever it would be,i think it would be a good sticker for an sc like on the window,example
    THUNDERBIRD SC #1176/4586
    the only way i can think would be through the vin number or somethin ???? but im sure its impossible any ideas?

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    err, the only years there would be a point of that would be 94/95 5 speeds....

    I think 90 had like 20,000 cars. That ain't very limited...

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    Isn't that number for the car pressed on the plate under the hood where
    the paint code is?


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